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For Thursday,May 24, 2018, the trend deciding point for the day for Nifty emerges at 10395mark.On its down move Nifty is expected to take support around 10395mark. If thislevel is broken due to strong selling pressure, then the next support is expectedto emerge at 10315mark.But this will be possible only if there is a sharp downmove. On ascent, the first resistance exists at 10477 mark. A sharp up move canmake nifty cross this level and make it reach to 10559 mark, depending on theforce of demand pressure. An intermediate resistance stands at 10466mark. Ifthere is not much demand, then Nifty can reverse from here for downside,instead of 10477mark. On the other hand, an intermediate support exists at10387mark. If there is not much supply, then Nifty can reverse from here forupside, instead of 10395mark.

ForThursday, May 24, 2018, the trend deciding point for the day for Bank Niftyworks out at 25344mark. Thus any fall in Bank Nifty towards this level of 25344shouldget a support. If this support zone is broken due to strong selling pressure,then the next support is expected to emerge around 25146mark. But this ispossible only if there is a sharp downmove. On the ascent, an importantresistance exists at 25745mark. If this is crossed, then the next resistance isexpected to emerge at 25845mark.

For Thursday, May 24, 2018, the trend reversal point for Nifty stands at 10578in spot. Any close ABOVE 10578  in spoton Thursday will changethe trend in Nifty to POSITIVE. Again, that for Bank Nifty, this levelstands at 26046 in spot. This implies that a close ABOVE 26046 on Thursday forBank nifty in spot will change the trend in that index in to POSITIVE.

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